What do you have in common…


I’m a 16 year old girl and I feel like I’m in love with a 23 year old. I’ve read
a lot online that it’s lust not love but I’m not so sure. This guy and I are
pretty close and when we talk to eachother it’s amazing. He has
mentioned things that hint that he does like me more than a friend, and I
obviously like him a whole lot, if not love, but the age seems to be a
problem (to the law, not either of us), and a few other reasons. Is it
possible that I’m in love with a 23 year old? I think of him non-stop, he’s
showing up in my dreams, too.


It’s possible, but unlikely. Seriously, what do you and this guy have in common? You have genitals that match. While that is crass the point is that you don’t have really too much in common. If you do that is sad. A 23 year old should be starting their life and moving forward. A 16 yr should be focused on school and such. I would encourage you to focus on people more your age.

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