Hopefully he is reasonable…




My mother in law interfers with our relationship.  I know its my husband mom but she had tried to do terrible things to me.  I do not expect my husband to completely stop communicating with her but I do expect him to keep her away from me and our kids.  I fear what she will do next in order to destroy our relationship.  We have also been to counseling over this and I am thinking about a divorce to get her out of my life.  Am I just overreacting?  I just do not know what to do.


I don’t think you should divorce to get rid of your MIL. It’s not fair to your kids and to your marriage. You should be very clear with your husband about what your expectation are in regards to your MIL and get some type of agreement from him on this. I agree that you need to protect your kids, but if your husband is being reasonable about things it seems unreasonable to divorce because of your MIL. It seems like there are many other things you could do.

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