Family counseling could help…


I know it’s really common for teenagers to not get along with parents
occasionally. This sounds concieted, but I really am a good kid in
comparison. I make sure to always be polite, I always do what I’m asked,
I get straight a’s, participate in clubs and sports, play instruments, and I
don’t talk back to my parents. They don’t treat me my age, nor respect my
independence (I’m a pretty independent person), whenever a small thing
goes wrong my parents make sure I know and treat me like a delinquent.
We don’t see eye to eye on anything, and they never look at it fro my point
of view. I’m tired of constantly being pushed to be what they want me to
be, and not being respected. It’s to the point where if I had the opportunity
I would just leave home. I really can’t get along with my parents at all, and  
over the years have lost all respect for them. Is there anything I can do to
help me at least get through without being miserable until college? My
parents treated my sister the same way as me, but she’s at college now.
Do you have any advice? thank you – Ellen (16)


Ok the picture you paint at the beginning of your question is much different than the picture you paint at the end. I think your independence is getting in the way of the good relationship you need to have with your parents. In their minds you are probably growing up too fast and doing too much and they don’t know any way else to keep giving you guidance. When they try you just get irritated. Unless you are able to step back a moment and recognize that you are still 16 and parents are supposed to help you with this direction you will continue to have a bad relationship. If you can’t do this I really think you should suggest family counseling. Not doing either of these things will keep you stuck in place.

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