You have to go if the dog won’t…


My son, 10m, has been bitten TWICE while my husband has been watching him.  My husband absolutely refuses to get rid of the dogs.  He also refuses to follow our (compromise) rule that under no circumstances can they be in the same room, ever. He gets extremely angry and tempermental with me if I bring it up.  I do not know what to do without seriously damaging our trust and relationship. What do I do, get rid of the dogs anyways or what?
Also, while under his care, my son has fallen down the stairs, off the changing table, and gotten into a waste basket with bloody tissues at a doctor’s office.  When I try to make suggestions (like not to get distracted on his iphone/computer/tv) he gets very angry at me.  I just don’t know what to do.  I am usually very logical and reasonable but I am not sure how much my maternalism is getting in the way of this.


WOW…If I could put WOW in bigger print I would have.  What in your mind could posses you to stay in this home? I think this is actually considered child abuse and could have CPS in your home and have your child taken. Your job as the mother is to PROTECT your child. You currently are not protecting him. You husband is a foolish child who unbelievably is placing dogs over his son. I encourage you to leave NOW until he is willing to get rid of those dangerous dogs. Otherwise, you risk someone reporting this and your child being given to someone who is more willing to protect him.

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