Get back to reality…



When i was 15 i had the most amazing boyfriend and he was my first for everything. He got into some trouble and we had to break up. well six years later i found him and we started hanging out.the thing is im married and havea 2 year old. not to long ago me and my ex slept together and i don’t want to let him go. i still have feelings for him and i don’t want to lose my baby. well i think im pregnant and the baby would be his because i haven’t slept with my husband in a month. i know my ex has feelings for me we have talked about leaving everything behind and moving away together. im so confused i don’t know what to do. i know i shouldn’t be doing this but i have always wanted to be with my ex and now that i see him all the time i don’t want to lose him again. my husband and i have been having problems for about 6 months and when i found my ex i don’t really want anything to do with my husband. is there anything you could tell me that could help me out? thank you so much.



You made VOWS with your husband. You VOWED to focus on him alone and work on living with him. This fantasy/high school crush comes along and of course things look better to you. There are no responsibilities with the ex. It’s just sex and memories of the past. Of course you have had problems with your husband because you haven’t been working on the relationship. Yes, you heard me, marriages take work. There is no need to work on your fantasy relationship because it’s all about sex and the past. The fact that you are willing to consider leaving your child and the man you made VOWS with should show you how off-track you are. You should end things with this ex and come clean with your husband. You should get into marital therapy and get busy on making your marriage work.

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