She’s different than you…



When I was a teenager, girls generally had a small group of really good friends and one friend that they referred to as their
“best friend”.  I am concerned that my daughter doesn’t really have that close confidant.  It seems that those she spends time with is dependent on those she is in classes with at the time so it doesn’t appear that she is developing any really close relationships.  Since students are home for summer break, she is not really spending time with any friends.  Have teen relationships changed since I was a child?  Are my expectations unrealistic?   




I don’t think things are much different. I would say that your daughter is different than you. She may not need that close kind of friend that you may have needed. I think you need to make sure that you aren’t wanting her to act a certain way because of what you had or didn’t have when you were a child. If you find overall that she is unhappy then this isn’t about friends. If overall she is fine then let her do life how she wants to right now.

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