Parents want to trust you…


hello my name is Lexi and im 15 years old. My parent’s let me do pretty much whatever i want like 2 years ago. lately i have gotten into alot of trouble. for example when i was 13 i was talking to older guys on the internet and on the phone. so they lost some trust then. last year, i was staying with a friend and i snuck out of her house and my parents went out looking for us. then recently i got into trouble for lying to them bout where i was going. all i want is there trust back completly i learned my lesson. and my parent’s made the rule of me not aloud staying at any friends house. but i have learned everything and im not gunna do anything. she is a good friend gets good grades. and my parent’s seem to like her but wont let me stay at her house. what can i do to earn there trust back!! i mean im aloud going to my friends and stuff. but i can stay the night anywhere. please help im miserable knowing the feeling that i am always on there backs. and they always have to watch me!!


I think what you have learned is that choices have consequences. You have learned the hard way. What I suggest is if you want sleepovers you start them at your home. So that would mean this girl comes over and spends the night with you. If this doesn’t work then your parents are going to wonder why. Which in turn causes them to have some mistrust for you. Anything you do to make them question your motives is not going to build trust. Anything you do to give them truthful information about your life and what is going on is going to build trust.

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