Why are you still with him?


hello there, I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 6 months. Things were great at first but I’m starting to get fed up with some of his anger issues. He’s a wonderful boyfriend otherwise..
For example, he gets road rage issues and drives erratically if someone on the road is too slow, or cuts him off even to the point where he will yell at them.

We got into a fight one day in public at a mall (we are in our 30’s) and I kept my temper down and tried to talk rationally and alls he could yell at me was ‘GO F*** yourself!’
then he kept threatening to abandon me at the mall and find my own way home.. and since we took his car, not mine..Id have had no way home. He’s threatened to just ‘leave me’ somewhere during disagreements before. Later he says he’d never have actually just left me somewhere but he just wanted to quiet me..but I still obviously worried about being left somewhere and no way to get home.

He also made fun of my small boobs once and I never forgot. I used to never have a problem with my small boobs til him. He told me once that he likes women with a ‘handful’ only. I said, well I have a handful and he laughed and said umm no you don’t! This hurt my feelings. Ive been insecure about my breasts since and even though I talked to him about this and he felt bad and has not done it again, he’s trying to make up for it by telling me he loves them but I can’t seem to get past that and feel he’s only doing it as damage control. Anyways should I be worried? Or am I overreacting??


Ummmm….why are you still with this guy? He totally disrespects you and you tolerate. It is always shocking to me what people will put up with. You should have dumped this guy the first time you saw how shocking he can be when he is angry. PLEASE respect yourself and move on. You have more than enough information to know that he is wrong for you.

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