Take a step back and rethink things…


Hello, my question deals with letting go/ moving past hurtful things said. I am not married..months ago my girlfriend and i got into an argument and she said some things that hurt and i let her know that its hard to be her “rock” when she knocks me down so much ” i told you before that you could NEVER be my rock”…that hurt my soul. I heard that ring in my ear as i took time to try and figure why i was told that. As a result i let her know what i needed her to do for me to believe that ” it came out wrong” i didn’t get that and we parted. I miss her yet that still rings as i was just said to me a few minutes ago. How do i move past this to maybe trying to mend a broken heart as well maybe try and mend a broken relationship


  I think you need to deal in reality for a moment. You had this perception that you were a rock to someone who didn’t have that same perception. That should bother you. While it may be hurtful that she said that to you, what should bother you more is that you had this belief that you were something you were not. Why is that? This may be an indication that you trust too easily and don’t take in information effectively about friends. If anything this should make you step back and evaluate how deep your friendships truly are and how valuable people consider you.

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