Maybe you should listen to your parents…


hi  im 17 years old, i have a 4 month baby and i’m living with my parents don’t like my babies dad and his going to turn 19 this year, i wanted to know if theres any way that me and my babies dad could live together with out my parents being able to make me move in back home?



You probably should be listening to your parents. You have started off on the wrong foot and probably weren’t listening to them in the first place. Why not take a chance and start listening to them. They actually may know what they are talking about. Your first priority should be your child not yourself and your boyfriend. Your child needs stability and you and your boyfriend can’t provide that stability right now. While I understand you may think you have all the answers to life’s dilemmas, you really don’t. At your age you should be relying on your parents. If you wanted to rely on yourself without a baby, I would say go for it. Yet, a baby is a game changer in my book and any desire you have to be independent should come second to what your baby needs, and what your baby needs is stability not you trying to prove a point to your parents by moving out.

One thought on “Maybe you should listen to your parents…

  1. I mostly agree, although these situations it is best to have a group of people all contributing at an equal level, and having a network of trusted and stable people. All should listen to their input, and help decide on advice.

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