Your momma is a big girl…


So i’m feeling like this is going to be a problem. I’m getting married next year to the love of my life. His family are wonderful people too. But i’m noticing that there a problems starting. I work with my future sister-in-law and she’s part of my wedding party, and my mom is paying for the wedding. So I had a birthday supper for myself and invited both sides of the family plus my best friend out. It was alot of fun my for some reson my FSL snobbed my mom. My mother told me that if looks could kill shes be dead. Yes my mom had a bad attitude when my relationship with my fiance started and she never want to have anything to do with him but in the last year shes treat my fiance like he’s her son, she loves him. My future sister in law know this and she knows that my mom is coming around but shes acting stuck up toward her. It really makes me mad that she would treat my mom like this. This wedding has brought my mom and me closer together (we didnt get along for year, to the point were i had nothing to do with her), shes like my best friend now and we walk every night. I did notice that my FSL didnt say a word to her and only said thank you to my dad for paying for supper. Even when my mom gave her son (Future nephew) her ice cream. What do i do! My wedding is over a year away and i dont what this to get worest! My mom has done so much for me and so has my fiance family i dont want there to be a fight!! My mom even wants to invite his family over for supper so they can get to know each other better. I’m not happy with the way my mother is getting treated. Any advice would help!


Your mother is a big girl, she doesn’t need you to protect her from another adult with a bad attitude. I also would encourage you to remember that your mother is not really going to see this woman that often. So I would suggest since you have the ability to talk with your mom about it, you encourage your mom to be tougher when someone snobs her. It is not like this woman is going to have to be her best friend or anything. She just needs to bite the bullet and deal. Have her think of it in terms of loving you and making life better for you. By being polite even when she doesn’t have to be will be her showing she loves you.

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