Take a deep breath…


I can’t stand my MIL.  From the beginning of my relationship with my husband she has tried to sabatoge our marriage.  She is one of those people who needs to be the center of attention at all times.  It all started when she told me that I was her son’s obligation after the birth of our daughter.  She then decided to bring a letter from his ex wife into our home that had been sent to him at her address.  I’m secure enough in our relationship to know that my husband wants to be with me not his ex wife – so its not jealousy over here its anger that his mom does not respect me.  She also tries to out-mother me with my children.  Constantly not listening to anything I say etc.  There are other examples along the same lines but we had a “talk” last July and she apologized for those things.  The problem is – she hasn’t really changed and I resent her now more than ever.

What am I suppose to do?  My husband tells me that his mom will always be that way and there’s nothing we can do.

I can’t continue on this way… she is draining the life from me.  I dread every second I have to spend with her.



Please take a breath. You shouldn’t be letting this woman get to you…..did you take a breath? Take one now. Okay if your husband supports you then limit your contact with her. Don’t take her phone call. Delete her emails. Start making some boundaries and then stick with them. She will push it, but if you let her get to you then that is on you not her. If your husband is weak then you are going to have to step up and make these boundaries. She won’t change. Expecting her to will continue to disappoint you and cause resentment.

Make yourself heard!

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