Limit the info…


Thank you very much in advance..I need your help!  Two months ago I added on to my house for my mother, she is at one end and I am at the other..Everything has been going great probably spending too much time together and telling her too much about the man I have been dating..My boyfriend and I broke up and my mom had me to herself for six weeks, well my ex and I have been talking and we want to start seeing each other..This guy has help me through so much and very good to my mom…After the break up I told her I think he smokes dope but has never around me…Anyway,  my friend and I started talking and my mom was telling me,”Don’t talk to him, he gets on my nerves, etc.”  My friend wanted to drive five hours to take me out to lunch and drive back..I missed me so I said yes..I was sick to my stomach to tell my mom but I had to…I went in and said, “Hey mom my friend might me coming up.”  She totally freaked out!!  “That doper..Oh, god, I hope you’re not going back to him, I knew it, I knew it, etc.  All I said was that, “mom I’m 50 years old.”  I went out to lunch and my friend drove back home.  Mom has locked herself in and, I guess, mad at me but I don’t think I did anything wrong…Please help me, what do I do.

The only thing I think you may have done wrong is share too much information with your mother. She is being protective and is also worried about losing a connection with you. So I would continue loving your mother, but seriously limit how much information you give her in regards to your life. The more you give her the more you should expect your mom to give her opinion.

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