Let him stretch his wings and fly…


My son is 19 and has been admittedly smoking pot for almost 2 years. I found 6 bags, which indicates he is selling it. I threw it out and have told him that he needs to move out of the house by April 1.

There are so many reasons that this makes sense (my own recovery of 21 years, two other children,legal risks, etc.) yet I don’t know if I can follow through with this. He goes to college, works part-time and stated he won’t sell anymore but is not going to stop smoking (“Yah sure!”).  I am open for any creative ideas!



It is time for your son to experience his life on his own terms. This means following through on the you gave for him to be out of the home. Let him know you will help him look for a place and that you would even be willing to pay first months rent. If he is smoking pot I’m sure he has another friend that would love to move in with him. You can do this, because if you don’t, he will just get more secretive with selling weed. It also is dangerous for the others living in the home.

Make yourself heard!

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