Be very careful…


I am a manager at a retail store. an employee comes to me and shows her bruised eye to me. i have never seen anything like this. never known anyone who has been abused. i am concerned for her. she told me her boyfriend did this to her and its not the first time. i feel she is in some danger and she want me to help her. The very next day she do not show or call for work and now i am very worried that he may have hit her again or may be keeping her from going out to work or outside . this is the first time she missed work. how can i help her if she do not return to work. i feel she trust me and is reaching out to me. i really want to help her. i told her when she showed me her eye that i am here for her if she want to talk or just need me to listen or if i can help in anyway.i want her to know that she do not have to be afraid or alone. she is a very nice girl with excellant customer skills and very smart. HOW can i help?


I suggest you get as much information about domestic violence and any shelters in the area and then present her with the information. It is up to her to make the decision to leave. You have NO idea what her partner would do if he knew you were involved. You don’t even know what kind of twisted relationship this is. Your safety should be of priority to you. You don’t want to end up dead because this guy didn’t want you to be involved. Give her this information and let her be the one to decide.

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