The family mooch…


A family member constantly needs money each month. His wife makes more than we do, he’s a handyman that can pick and choose when ever he wants to work. If my sweety doesn’t give in, this person mooches off his 83 yr old mother or threatens to sell valuable family heirlooms. The moocher and his wife will go from family member to family member badgering them until they give in. We are tired of this. I can easily say no but, my sweety and other family members cannot. This moocher will not stop. This also a very strict catholic family as well. How can I convince them not to give into this louse?


You can’t convince others you can only be in charge of what you can be in charge of. What I do suggest is that you sit with your mother to determine if she is even competent to manage her own affairs. If this person takes advantage of her she may not be capable. Or there may be some type of elder abuse taking place. I would look into that if I were you.

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