Doing the right thing is hard…


My husband’s sister is planning a wedding for October and no one was excited for her or helping. My husband decided to start helping her with the planning and some of the payments. My in laws (husband’s parents) are now mad. When asked to help they refuse saying they are too busy. My husband refuses to speak with either one of them and run “interference” for me. Feel like I should say something, but what. We were only trying to help and do the right thing so that she was not forgotten.


When you help another or try to do the right thing don’t expect others to assist you. That is why doing the right thing is often very hard. Your SIL must not be making great choices about what she is doing and because of this is hurting others in the family. What you may want to look at is what you are doing isn’t the right thing. Is she marrying a jerk/loser who treats her badly? If so then why would you be encouraging that marriage by helping?

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