Choices to make…


I am partnered with an Italian man and recently I had an argument with his father, who said total untruths about me in front of my partner and his mother. My partner did nothing to support me and totally blamed me for the incident. Also, my partner has not told me he loves me since it happened. I told my partner I deserved more than that, and I felt betrayed by him for not supporting me when his father went on about me. Also, when I asked my partner’s mother if she also believed what her husband was saying, she sat there like a stone and also said nothing, which was also very hurtful.
This man, seems totally miserable in life.  He will criticize everything and everyone and he is regularly insensitive and inappropriate and the whole immediate and extended family walk around on eggshells round him, because he has them all intimidated. I have really tried to like him over the last 4 years, although, I really can’t stand the man and have told my partner I will not visit his parents anymore, unless, it is for a special function ie Christmas/birthdays etc.
I feel like he is not the one for me  right now and I feel very angry & hurt.


You are probably right, he isn’t the one for you. For some reason you have known that this guy is weak and have chosen to stay with him. So you have a choice to make. If you choose to stay with him, you can’t complain about his inability to deal with his parents because staying with him implies that you are going to live with that part of his personality. If you choose to not stay, you will be able to be impressed with yourself that you have the strength to move on from this relationship.

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