Red Flags…

  Question:My boyfriend, who is 45, began texting with the then 14-year-old daughter of his best guy friend.  He’s close to his friend and has gone on vacations with them and had dinners and such, but other than sending a happy birthday text once a year, it seems inappropriate to me that he texts her or vice versa.  He recently was at my house and his text alarm went off and he got his phone and was going to show me the message until he realized it was from this 15 year old girl and he wouldn’t say what the message said or if he texted her first.  He also friended her on Facebook recently.  This seems like inappropriate behavior to me and it has bothered me, and he knows it bothers me.  Is it inappropriate or is it just me?
RED FLAGS are popping up. This is weird and you should get out of this relationship. It is most likely he has secrets that he is not telling you. If you have any daughters you better be with them 24/7 if this guy is around.

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