Focus on your kid not your love life…

Question: My boyfriend and I just recently after dating for a year have moved in together.  I have a two and half year old and he has also a two and half year old along with a five year old.  They are all girls.  He has his daughters every week Monday through Wednesday. The issue I’m am starting to have is that he is picking on my daughter a lot In front of his girls along with just me around on the weekends.  My daughter likes to whine a lot along with the normal throwing fits.  I do correct this as much as I can, but it seems like it’s never good enough for him.  He is always comparing my daughter to his two year old. saying she never throws fits like that.  This is now starting to cause fights between us and making it hard for me to continue being loving towards him.  What type of suggestions do you have for me about this?  I do love my boyfriend, but I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking she is an outcast.
Please help
Answer: This is the reason that you shouldn’t be living with one another. It will get worse as they all get older. What does this look like when they are teens? Yikes, I don’t think I would want to be in this house. What I generally suggest in situations like this is that you focus on raising your daughter without the distraction of a boyfriend. I would say the same to him if he was asking me. Your child wants to your time and energy. She doesn’t want a stranger (BF) telling her what is wrong with her especially in front of other children. It may not be what you want to hear, but based on my experience and stats what is best for your child is you not you and a boyfriend.

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