Stay out of it…

Question: First off let me thank you in advance for reading my question about this situation. My sister has a very controlling mother in law that in my opinion really crossed the line this past weekend concerning my sister’s son.  My sister has been having some problems with her son talking back and smarting off to her and she has tried everything like grounding him from his toys, friends things like that and none of it has worked so she finally decides to spank him and her mother in law was there in my sister’s home when it happened and she went nuts threatening my sister saying she is calling social services on her and proceeded to brainwash my sister’s son telling him that his mother hates him. Now mind you his father was not there and the mother in law left and later called him with the extreme saying that my sister was beating her son and wouldnt stop.  This child has no marks whatsoever on him and she swatted him twice on his behind and the father believed her over my sister(his wife of 18 years)!  I know my sister would never abuse her son, it took her having 5 miscarriages just to have him and he is their only child and i’m just appauled at this whole situation.  I wanted to take a step back and get anothers opinion on the subject cause I dont want to give her the wrong advice. Can you give some insight maybe to this?? The mother in law has done this before to her other son and caused them to divorce and since he has remarried and she is also currently causing trouble in their marriage as well but he at least stands up for his wife!!!!
Answer: Regina,
I would strongly suggest you stay out of it. You don’t know everything that goes on in that marriage. You only know what your sister tells you and she is biased. Since you weren’t there for any of what you describe again you are only hearing from a person who wants to put themself in a favorable light. I think your sisters marriage is already rocky and it’s not because of the mother-in-law.

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