Love your husband…

Question: My husband and I are separated.  Separation set to last six months.  Bad problems – verbal and mental abuse.  We are currently in counseling – both together and separately.  Problem is I just found out that my brother-in-law (my husband’s sister’s husband) is sexually attracted to me.  I think I feel the same way.  I know its probably hopeless.  His marriage is not in good shape either.  We have been confiding in eachother.  What is going on here?
Answer: Kim,
What is going on is that you are purposely making your marriage not work. If you put as much energy into your marriage as you are doing with your brother-in-law your marriage probably wouldn’t be in the type of trouble it is in. I suggest you stop immediately what you are doing with brother-in-law. It will only result in devastation for the family at large.

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