He’s not into you…

Question: I was dating my boyfriend for almost 7 years.  He comes from a family of haters-by that, I mean that they hate anyone and everyone for no good reason.  This did not exclude me.  Over the past few years I have been the recipient of rude, degrading and obnoxious comments and disrepsectful behavior.   After a while a pulled away from his family and interacted with them less and less.  The second I tried to re-surface, his sister (who I beleive was the ring leader in the vendetta against me) started a huge fight with my boyfriend over me; encouraging him to break up with me.  Since I never did anything wrong to any of them, I have always asked him to defend me.  He never would.  I asked him again and again.  Finally, we wound up breaking up because he said he didn’t know how to make the situation better.  I am beside myself because I know we both really love each other, we both invested a lot of time into this relationship, and we broke up over basically no reason.  I beleive that the reason he hasn’t asked me to marry him after 6 years is because his family disaproves.  They have no basis, like I said they are just haters.  Now he won’t even take my calls.  He has shut me out like I’m a stranger or a piece of garbage.  I don’t know what to do to get him to realize that I am worth fighting for and his family are the ones who need to re-evaluate thier behavior.  Help!
Answer: Suzanne,
Please don’t try to convince yourself that what you have with him is love. If after 7 years he is not going to fight for him, you CAN”T make him. It is very sad that it seems like you wasted a great portion of your life with this guy. You actually need to recognize that he is not into you anymore despite what you think. If you have to work this hard to convince someone that they are into you it doesn’t seem worth it. I would strongly suggest you move on and learn from this experience.

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