You forced him…

Question: I had a beautiful relationship with a friend at work for about 3months then we felt something toward each other,we declared that we are both in luv,and this relationship lasted for 6 months,I told him we should thik about marriage as our relationship will not last as boyfriend and girl friend relationship without marriage,he told me that he’s not thinking about marriage as he was engaged before and his feeling is complicated toward marriage,we faught alot,until thanks god he got convinced and we got engaged after a year time,but before getting engaged he discussed with me some issues such as he’s personality is somehow strict,I told him that I knew him for a year and a half now,soo I know hispersonality.
Well,he told me no i am different,anyways after engagemet he’s the same in everything but there is something that really kills me inside,something that i didn’t take care of before,which is hanging out with our friends,me and my fiance are working in the same bank,my friend in the bank called him inviting him and me to her birthday he told her on the phone,ok and he agreed,when we spoke with each other he told me to forget about this,and he doesn’t like to hang out with friend and groups,and he doesn’t like to socialize with people much, he only likes to go out with me that’s it,I spoke with him many times in this subject but HE DISAGREES,he tells me if you want to go out, u can go out with ur girlfriends only,but forget about going out in groups,iam really angrya regarding this issue,I spoke with him thousand times,he told me NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,I will never hangot with a group of friends,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me what to do as I am really anry and i don’t want to leave him,and i want to tell you that my friends are really angry with me,i told them about the situation,they are not convinced and told me u could have convinced him and come,I really don’t want to loose my close friends and i dont want to loose him and i would like to hang out all together in a group with his presence ,so please advise me what to do to convince him.


Answer: What you SHOULD do is not marry this guy. If you read your first paragraph you basically forced him into getting engaged with you. Now you want to force him to hang with friends. Is that what this relationship is going to be about, forcing him to do things he doesn’t want to do? Yikes, I hate to see what your relationship is like a few years after marriage. Marriage is not simply about liking to hang with someone. It’s about being compatible in numerous ways. You DO NOT sound compatible in numerous ways. I would strongly suggest you don’t marry. You shouldn’t have to convince him to do anything.

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