What will it take…

Question: I am 27 , he is 42. After three years together, he hit me 4 times on the Christmas eve in the head. He never showed any signed of abuse before, and was telling me that he disrespects men who hit women. He is loosing his job, I helped him during the day with the documents, but in the evening wanted some attention. He was continuing to be ignorant of me, as if I am being blamed for his mess. Once started the argument, I got so emotional, that I called him bad words, and asked him “where are your balls?”. After which he hit me. I can’t talk to my parents, they like him so much. Please help. If you need additional information, please let me know. I think he crossed the line, maybe with words I did too, but I don’t think I deserves to be hit in the head.
Answer: Camila,
What more will take from him before you decide to leave the relationship? If he hits you 5 more times then will you leave? You saw a side of him that should have made you instantly decide to leave. It is abuse and if the cops had been called he would have been arrested. I would suggest you leave the relationship and find someone more compatible in age and someone who can manage their anger much better.

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