Is she that weak….

Question: Recently my fiance decided to tell me that my father was not allowed to be at our wedding.  The decision came after a dinner where he was rude to us, this was tyhe second time.  Also an e-mail that my dad sent me 2 years ago which he was expressing his dissaproval of us living together for that summer she found in my trash e-mail.  They have had good times in all of this but now I am in a situation where I have to choose between my family and my fiance.  I do not know what to do or if there can be a good outcome to the situation.  Any suggestions?
Answer: David,
So…if your fiancee gets her feelings hurt so easily you may want to reconsider this wedding. Your father should be entitled to his opinion. He actually was right in not wanting you to live together. People that live together before marriage have a higher rate of divorce, but that is for another conversation. This wedding is once in a lifetime thing. So I’m sure that your father can be polite for the wedding. I am also sure your fiancee can manage having him there being polite. Again if she is so easily offended you may want to rethink this marriage. There will be other areas that she will end up getting hurt in and if her solution is to avoid you will probably end up being irritated with her.

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