Get an attorney…

Question: Hi, I’m the mother of 3 grown kids and grandma of 2 little ones (71/2 months and 11 months). My 2nd daughter,19, married a kid with bipolar disorder. long nasty story short, she left him came home pregnant with our 7 month old granddaughter. back and forth with hubby, now finally finished with him. but now she doesn’t want to be a mother either, left the baby with us. We also have our other daughter, and her child and husband living with us. My 2 girls struggle to get along. I can’t stand the fighting between them. I’m trying to hold my family together but I think I’m getting lost in all the drama. My husband is fighting the “good fight” with me but we’re wearing thin. He thought he was finally going to get some peace when the kids moved out! how do we save our sanity here?
Answer: Joan,
You need to immediately see a family Attorney. I STRONGLY suggest you get custody of whatever child you can. The mom coming and going is not healthy for the child and you need to be able to have some authority over whether mom can legally take the child. This girl needs stability and her mom is not willing to give it. Plus if you don’t get custody if your daughter gets mad at you she will most likely attempt to take the child to hurt you. Your focus should be the baby not your daughter. The other daughter and husband better be working or trying their hardest to find a job. If they are not then they should not be freeloading in your home

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