What are you teaching your kids…

Question: Is my partner treating me right? He gets angry @ every hands turn. Tells me I am lazy useless good for nothing selfish. I work a full time job and have three small children and I believe I do a pretty good job considering!
He has moments of wonderful but this past month has been ridiculous. He locks himself in the garage and won’t communicate with me. recently he had his birthday. Due to us both working full time i had the children make him a card and we had pizza that night etc. He wanted a massage which was fine but I was so exhausted I just could not continue. He cracked it. The next day I worked in the morning. He had to take my daughter to her creche party. He was angry as he did not want to go. When I finished work I met him at the party. To make up for not “buying” him anything I took the girls to Macdonalds for a couple hours and told him to go and get a massage and enjoy the time out. He did and he seemed to enjoy. Somewhere between then and now he has told me again I am useless I gave him nothing. I am not worthy of his love?? He posted a question yesterday that said. My girlfriend and mother of my child did not even buy me a card for my birthday. What does everyone think?? Of course with that the response would be as it was. All bad. But if he had filled in the gaps I can only imagine the answer would be somewhat different? Am I being unreasonable? I have been in a bad marriage in the past and am worried I have made the same mistake?
Answer: You have made a mistake in regards to your children. You can absolutely choose to be with this guy. The problem as I see it is that you have children who don’t deserve to see you treated this way and also deserve to have a father figure that actually loves them and cares for them. I don’t know if you are desperate or what, but I would suggest you start thinking of leaving. Can you move back in with parents or family that actually care about this kids and who can help take care of them. This relationship hurts you and teaches the kids that the way he treats you is OK. I don’t think it is OK.

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