Protect your kid…

Question: My 16 year old daughter is a mess and we will be seeing an Psychiatrist in 7 days. She has been diagnosed with OCD, thinks she is bipolar, she has been cutting herself, has been shoplifting a lot, has lied and stole since she was in first grade, just lost her part-time job, is failing most classes in school, and just today two reliable sources said they thought she looks like she is on drugs. I checked her room today and then her bag when she came home. I found lots of stolen stuff in her room and cigarettes and Skoal in her bag. She is very mad at me for searching through her stuff. I think because of what is going on lately I have the right and I’m concerned that she is going to kill herself. Do you think I have the right?
Answer: Gail,
Your job is to protect your child when they are off track. You should do this by any legal means you can. Of course you have the right. Too many parents worry their child will be mad at them and don’t do it. I would suggest that if your child is going to be mad at something make it be something worthwhile like searching a room. She doesn’t pay rent and she is a danger to herself. If it’s your home you can do what you like in it especially if it is to protect your daughter.

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