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Question: will about a a year ago i meet a amazing guy will at the time i thought that the first 6 months where wonderful he told me how pretty and smart i was then things changed he started using drugs and drinking we never fought but then we moved in together i worked my but off paid the bills he would not get a job but anyway then one day i got home from work an he tells me he cheated on me and loves this other lady but he wanted to be with us both will that nite i was trying to make him jealous with another guy but it back fired on me and beat the grap out of me with his new girlfriend watching then i found out the next day when i went to the doctors i was haven his baby i told him he went off the deep end he hit me in my stomachs push me on the ground threw me on the table but i still stayed then one nite i found his cellphone went threw it and read his tex he was sleeping around with more women so i waited until he passed out he was up for 3 days and packed my stuff and moved that day i wrote a note telling him why i was leaven but he ended up texin me and stupid me fault sorry for him went over we had sex and now i just don’t know what to do please help me
Answer: Kristen,
If your story is true, I suggest you seek out the nearest mental hospital and commit yourself. You CANNOT be in your right mind. The police should have been involved by now and you should’ve been GONE from this relationship. What you do now is LEAVE AND DON’T GO BACK!!! If you do go back then you get what you deserve.

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