What do you have in common….?

Question: I’m 16 years old living in the state of Arkansas ill be 17 December 22,2008 my boyfriend is 24 years old his birthday is march 20.we are sexually active what charges can my parents press on him?every time we had sex i was willing. my parents knew about our dating but didn’t know his age.
Answer: Nicole,
That fact that you are with this old of a guy at your age shows you both have issues that will not make this relationship a healthy one. The most a 16 yr old and 24 year old have in common is genitals. You are supposed to be learning about life and he is supposed to be making his start in life. You actually are pretty incompatible. I have no idea what charges could be pressed on him. It should make you think “….why can they press charges on him??” BECAUSE OF HIS AGE. Yet, you must know more than years of parents and legal systems. If you want to know what charges to press look them up since you know what you are doing in this relationship.

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