What’s her religion???

Question: hi i need help my future mother in law has gone crazy she hates me because i am not of the same religion and well she dislikes me in general but she went off on me for the third time and this time litterly told me i was a witch from hell and that i was possed by the devil and that i wasn’t welcome in her house or car… and i have tryed talking to her but all she did was insult me and call my an idiot and then she look at my fiance and asked him if he really wanted to marry a witch and have demon kids and well mean things like that …. he stood up for me but we don’t yet live togather so its hard because his mom has full control and she forbid him to marry me oh not to mention we obiously don’t have her blessing this is strating to take a toll on our relationship and i don’t know anymore i have  never done anything to her for her not to like me …….. What should i do? i just feel like i’m gona burst she makes me feel like nothing… i don’tt know what to do anymore..!!!!!!!
Answer: Cassie,
This doesn’t sound like a rational woman. I can’t imagine her religion teaches this kind of hatred. If she has that much hatred for you I’m not sure there is much you can do. I would suggest you rethink marrying this guy. While religion may not be important to you or he now, when kids enter the picture parents usually get picky about religion. You may want to raise them in yours and he (and his mother) will want to raise them in theirs. This WILL cause a fight. If you don’t rethink this relationship when this problem comes up you SHOULD NOT fight for your children to be raised in your religion because you willingly went into this relationship knowing it could be a problem.

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