Common sense is important…

Question: My boyfriend and I have been living together for over three years. He says he has never cheated on me or anyone else. I suspect he has cheated because of an incident with a girl he was following in a store then standing very close to while I was there too. This was very strange behavior on his part. He has told me he is a sex addict. He looks at porn all the time and he has downloaded many virtual sex games. He also notices and stares at young pretty women all the time when we are out together. There has been infidelity on my part because I have bipolar disorder and it is one of the symptoms. He will not forgive me and seems very angry even though it happened over two years ago. He is also not having sex with me much. It seems like he is trying to “get back” at me for what I did and doing things that he knows will really hurt me. I am not sure if I should leave him, I am thinking a lot about it. A psychic told me we were meant to be together and to not lose him. I am very confused. Do you think we can work it out or or do you think he is being an ass and I should leave? Please help. I feel so lost. Thank you.
Answer: Jane,
I don’t believe in psychics I believe in common sense. Common sense seems to be saying you shouldn’t be in this relationship. If you want to stay you can since you are an adult, yet it seems kind of pointless. If he is going to always bring up the past and you are always going to be worried. It seems that moving up would be the best choice given what you have described. On a side note, just because you have Bi-polar doesn’t mean you have to cheat. There are still choices involved. If you are not seeing a therapist I would suggest you do so you can learn how to make better choices when you are manic. Bottom-line you should leave in my opinion.

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