Your son isn’t happy…

Question: I have been going through this type of problem for over a year now.  Along with the problem below, I have been called names, etc. and have raised my son on my own since he was two.  I know my son is not a teenager but mentally, still a boy.  My son and I live in the same house, we share little conversations, he no longer wants me in his sight.  We don’t have dinner together anymore and he is very private about where he goes, etc.  He goes to college part-time and works a full time job.  I understand boys, young men, go about being independent in different ways but not wanting to be around me at all is very hurtful. I feel like I am living with a stranger and I don’t understand how this happened after all the love and support I have given him since he was born.  All I constantly hear from him when trying to make conversation is get the h___ out of my room.  Leave me alone.  Don’t talk to me.
Answer: Sharon,
I guess you can continue to take care of his which is really what you are doing. Most people wouldn’t accept this type of bad behavior. It seems that he is not interested in a relationship. The more you push the more you will get hurt. So what to do? I would suggest you start making moves to have him be out of the home. Closeness is not working for your relationship so distance may be the thing that works for you. Your son probably is not happy that he is still having to rely on you for things. Maybe he should be encouraged to strike out on his own.

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