Please protect your kids…

Question: I’ve known my boyfriend only 5/6 months, we moved in together literally a week after we started dating. When I moved in I had my 3 year old son and I was 7 months pregnant and at first I was there cause my ex *my babies dad” was harresing me. And he was protecting me. Anyways our first fight was over a guy living with him, he was literally screwing him over. and stealing from him, but not the one item he thought so when I was in the hosiptal with my second child, the day I came home we fought about that. Then literally not long after *at my 6 week check* I found out I was pregnant. He wanted a baby clear up until that point then changed his mind. We had two big fights over that.
Anyways he is in Iraq now, is supporting me and my kids and trying his hardest to take care of everything *I do work* But my friends say he doesn’t love me. or respect me. Cause even after I had the abortion for him he was mad about other things. I think it’s him and being in Iraq for 3 weeks. But I Dunno
Answer: You NEED to go home to your family and get your life STRAIGHTENED OUT NOW. The life you are currently living is unfair to your children! You can make whatever choices you want, but your children can’t. Why would you make them suffer through your confused and foolish decisions? PLEASE take them to family where there can be some stability for them. You are NOT providing stability which is what they need!

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