Your family stinks…

Question: Hi! Thankyou so much in advance for taking time to help others out. Your opinion will be GREATLY appreciated by me.

My family’s policy is If you ignore problems and pretend like everything is great, then it is.
I feel like an outsider kinda because out of all of my cousins, Im the only one who grew up in America, and i guess my way of thinking is a bit different. They grew up in a place where everyone gossips about each other secretly and pretends to like each other, and girls are definitelty treated lower than guys–its just the accepted culture.
I felt the need to speak up about my cousin, Abe who was saying weird sexually explicit things to me constantly, for no reason ( a joke in his mind) and my cousin Wendy agreed to back me up if i did…in fact, she even claimed he was saying things to her like “shut up b***** or ill rape you”. who says that to their cousin?
So when i finally spoke up, Wendy DENIED everything, basically calling me a liar…because she wanted to seem like the “good one who keeps quiet” and im that “American one thats loud and radical”…..
I think Wendy thinks I tried to get her involved even when I said This is my problems not Wendy’s…but i wouldnt know what she really thinks because i havent spoken to her since this happened 2 months ago….she and her siblings have basically isolated me and even though everyone else claims they “respect” me for speaking up, I feel like they just look at me as a trouble maker for NOT being that nice, quiet girl and for ruining what was supposed to be a relaxing family summer (yah right) and for not pretending like everything about our family is flawless…..
I just need opinion on what to do, what do you think!??…and Do you think what my cousin Wendy did was pure back stabbing or justified at all?
Btw, its been 2 months but im suspecting that Wendy or someone from her family is going to finally call me and talk to ME about it like we should have done weeks ago…should i just express everything on my mind, what steps can i take to resolve it? Once again. Thanks alot in advance!!!

Sincerely, Anna

Answer: Anna,
DON”T get caught up in the gossip. It doesn’t matter what Wendy did or didn’t do. Do you want to associate yourself with evil people? What they are doing in my opinion is bad evil behavior. Your cousin probably has molested someone or taken advantage of someone and somebody in your family knows it. They are also probably protecting him. DNA is not thick enough to accept this behavior. I would encourage you to let your family do whatever they do and focus on your own life and goals and move forward from their bad behavior.

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