Protect your grandchild…

Question: My daughter age 20 is what we just learned a couple weeks ago is an abusive relationship.  She has a 2yr. old son from this relationship.  Both her and the baby live with us.
We informed her that we know the truth about what has been going on.  Of course she denies it.  The boyfriend however
was just arrested for domestic battery upon my daughter.  What can her father and I do to make her understand the gravity of the situation.  We are also greatly concerned about our grandson.  Please help.
Answer: Kay,
Your focus should be on the grandchild. You daughter is an adult and if she chooses to be in the relationship then you can’t force her out of it. I would suggest you call up child protective services and see what you can do. I also suggest you call a family law attorney and see what your right are. If you push her she will take the child with her and continue to make foolish choices. Do these other things so that if the child is taken away you can get custody and it lives with you.

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