Provide Boundaries…

Question: My daughter is a great young lady and her boyfriend a wonderful young man but they like eachother too much! This is their first relationship (for both) and its rocketed after the first month. They went from sitting a mile apart to not being able to fit a slither between them. They are not having sex, but even though they both have vowed not too…the temptation-I fear is going to get stronger. I mention that its all too much constantly, but to no avail because they don’t see it. Now, others…at church and such are starting to say things to me. I am not a bad parent, I am trying to be tackful because I care about them both so much, but what do I do?
Answer: Deanna,
Time for tactfulness is over. You need to provide specific boundaries and rules to your teen. If they are not willing to abide by the rules then they don’t get to see each other. I would worry that if sex is not happening it is on the way. You can’t be with them 24/7. Boundaries are going to be key!

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