The Mamas boy…

Question: When I met my husband 5 years ago, he just broke up with his girlfriend. He was in this relationship for 4 years. This girl suddenly became my sister-in-laws best friend, after the 2 of them never could get along. The ex was invited to every party, family gathering, ect. I complained alot about this as it was very uncomfortable for me, but my husband (then my boyfriend) said I am jealous. My sister-in-law has a very sarcastic way of saying and doing things. She is very rude to me and unfortunately my husband is so use to her ways of being rude, he does not understand how I can say she is rude. He says it is me, I misunderstood her. But my own brother also said that she is like that to him and he doesn’t like her at all.

My mother-in-law is a real trouble maker. We invited her and friends to my babies 1st birthday party. She got upset about something I said about a cleaner that came in to work for me. (I said that I let her go because she does not clean I well as my previous cleaner!!) It was my sister-in-laws cleaner. My mother-in-law through down my babies book she was reading to my baby and started screaming horrible stuff to me. this all happened in front of all the guests. She went outside and phoned my sister-in-law and said some more horrible stuff on the phone to her, eg that my house are dirty and that my husband comes home at night and then still needs to cook and bath the children ect. This is all not true!! My friend and brother overheard her and told me. When my husband confronted her about it, she said that she never said so. She also gave me money earlier in the evening (for the maid because I said I wasted money on the maid) that disappear from my handbag. She said that never came close to my handbag that evening, but the people saw her around the area where my bag was. What really upset me about this, is that my husband is taking her side and say that I am lying. I can’t take it anymore. this is not the first time that a thing like this happens and everytime my husband make it of as nothing or that it is my fault. Please help me. I don’t know how to handle this.

Answer: Danica,
Stop the drama. You married a mamas boy and he is going to come to his mom’s defense. I suggest you limit contact with this family as much as possible. Stop giving information that they can use against you. The more you give information the more they will have to throw in your face. If you limit contact and keep emotion out of the relationships with them you will have a much more calm relationship. Don’t complain to your husband, because if he does go to your in-laws they will only continue to see you as a problem EVEN IF the problem is your husband.

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