Stand for what is right…!!!

Question: Hello, first of all I hope you don’t mind I am adult asking this question,  I don’t know where else to go for advice.
Here is the situation, I have been married for 12 years, we have been “together” for 14 years!  This is my first and only marriage.
The problem I am having is with my sister, my only sibling, she is going through her 5TH divorce and making plans to marry number 6!  She has 3 kids, from 3 different husbands.  Usually she just goes off and gets married but I am hearing that this time she is going to have a BIG wedding.  Oh, by the way the man she wants to marry is old enough to be my dad! I don’t really approve of him around her children, he has some issues, drinking is the main one, of course my sister drinks too, ALOT. ( I don’t drink or support drinking to excess)
I don’t know what to do if I am (and I will be) invited to this wedding.  I don’t want to go, I certainly could not be happy about it.
But is it worth a big family fight?  PLEASE give me some advice.  Thanks!!!
P.S. No doubt this wedding will be a “party” that I would not attend otherwise with drinking.
Answer: Sister,
At what point in your life will you stand up for what is right? When you don’t stand against foolishness and evil it will simply continue. You children then see this and become less likely to stand up against the same. If you have a family that is going to fight over you not going to the 6th wedding of your sister….well….your family is twisted then. I suggest you be the first to stand up for morality and ethics. If it cause a fight then so be it.

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