She may be lying…

Question: I have a friend that told me that her step father was calling her names, such as fat, dumb, ugly, and he told her that she was good for nothing. She said it has been going on as long as she can remember. She cries about it almost daily. Her mother will not leave him because she has nowhere to go. I realize that I can’t control what her mother does, but I want to help her. What can I do as her friend to support her through this?

Thank You,


Answer: Joe,
First you don’t know it is true unless you have been there for it. This may someone who is emotionally needy and will say what she can to get from you what she can. SO be cautious in jumping to any conclusions simply from what she has said. You can also locate some counseling resources for her to use. Finally you can be in the home to visit with her to see if this activity actually takes place.

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