Pregnant Teen

Question: What do you think? My daughter who I have joint custody of has lived with her mother and step-dad for the past 8 years.(her mother has physical custody, she visits me and my wife and kids about every other weekend)About a year ago my daughters mother left her with her step-dad and ran off with another man. My daughter still visited less frequently and told she was happy where she was living. In September 07
her mother had her move back in with her, at which time my daughter called me saying she couldn’t stand the situation over there anymore and wanted to come live with me and my wife. So we sought legal help and she is now living with us, though nothing is final her mom agrees she is better off living with us and has already signed the papers for me to have physical custody off her. Well after she had been living here a week my daughter informed us she was 5 months pregnant, with her 16 year old boyfriends baby! My daughter is 13 years old! I’m shocked, and at a lost for answers?? She always wants to visit her step-dad who lives next to the boyfriend, she never really wants to see her mother. What do you think I should do? Get Social Services involved her mother pretty much neglected to watch her over the past year? Can we keep the boyfriend out of her life? Restraining Order? He is the father of the baby, yet we don’t want her around him.Any suggestions?
Answer: I would call the authorities and see if there can be any type of criminal charge brought. I would also encourage you to start speaking with the parents of this boy. I would encourage you to consider adoption because prospects for the future of the teen go down drastically when there is a childbirth at this young of an age. If you keep the baby. Clearly let the family of the son know that you will be doing all that’s in your power to make them pay for all that you can make them pay for unless he is willing to stop seeing her or sign over parental rights. You probably need to consult an attorney in order to figure out the best legal course of action.

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