You’ve got pride

Question: i met a guy 2 weeks ago. yes,only 2 weeks. we have been out a couple of times and had a great week end.i went too see him in the week, we talked. he asked me if i wanted a relationship and commitment, although we had been drinking i wouldn’t say we were drunk. i was a bit reluctant as it had only been a few months since i was finished by an ex partner. i agreed and thought hey,what the hell. it is me who generally texts and more often than not have to wait for a reply! sometimes we text for ages and others it’s not at all. the problem is he says he wants too seeme but i get the vibes from him not replying to my texts he doesn’t. I’m confused. i cant sleep through the anxiety of the NOT KNOWING DOES HE DOESN’T HE SYNDROME. if only he would say either way then i will know whats going on here. i really like him i would love to give this ago but my lack of confidence and slight stubbornness stops me from asking outright. i text then it can be hours before i get a reply. i feel i am mothering. do i stop texting and wait for him.he is in my opinion sending out mixed signals which is mentally cruel. if he doesn’t want to see me why doesnt he just say and its because he doesnt it then makes me think that he does.. my head is all mixed up..i dont know what to do. please advice
Answer: Jane,
Your stubbornness and non-confidence I would say is actually pride. You NEED to talk to him while you are sober. If you don’t then you will continue this craziness you are describing. I don’t know if you love him and he may not even remember the conversation you had. He may be keeping his distance on purpose and not even know why you are texting him so often. So I would encourage you to talk with him once and for all and ask him about the relationship. If you choose not to then you will remain in this state of awkward confusion with this relationship.

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