You’re getting married?.?.? Hello…..

Question: I am feeling pretty naive right now, and confused. I know this is dumb, but, I found a text message on my fiance’s phone and confronted him to find out he cheated. He says it was completely not worth it, made him sick and he stopped half way through. He claims he wants to work things through but can’t promise that human nature won’t happen again. “if we were married I wouldn’t have done it”, is what he says. Tonight I say her calling him, (I now know the number)and he lied saying it wasn’t her. when I confronted him he got upset, it isn’t his fault she is still calling, he can’t control her but really, he could block her. He is being self destructive and isn’t’ really accepting my anger.

I now I am being stupid, but really can a guy change enough to be worth it?

Answer: Sarah,
Isn’t now the time that everything is supposed to be going right? Why aren’t you paying attention to the major red flags waving around you in this relationship. Are you embarrassed and don’t want to break of this wedding? You need to leave this relationship. If he is doing it now, he will be doing it once you are married.

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