Subject: Should I stay or should I go?? 
Question: I have been in a relationship with this man for 2 1/2 years, but our relationship began in 1999 when we first met, but split up in 2001 because I couldn’t deal with his behaviors.  We reconnected 2 1/2 years ago and I thought he had changed since we had split up, but as time has passed some of his old tendencies have returned.  He has a volatile temper, when he gets angry he yells, he is not financially stable….but even through all of that… I love him…  I know logic and reason tell me to leave, but my heart tells me to stay and try to work through it… he has definitely improved since the first time we were together… but he wants to get married and I am afraid that if we stay together… that I will be in for a life of misery… he loves me dearly… I know this, but I am torn between the love in my heart and the logic in my brain… I don’t know what to do…????
Answer: Victoria,
Simply put, if you let your feelings win over your logic you will have a miserable life and relationship. You have reason and logic for a reason. It is supposed to be used to help you make smart decisions. Feelings are not supposed to be used for that. You do know what to do, you are either too scared or weak to do the thing that is in your best interest. No one but yourself can do it.




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